Refund/cancellation Policy

 Refund Policy Purpose


The purpose of this policy is to outline Harvest Bible Chapel St. Vincent's refund or cancellation policy for all contributions, gifts donated or payment for Harvest products made online via our website



Online Giving Return Policy


Harvest Bible Chapel St. Vincent is not legally required to refund any donor contributions or any charitable contribution as a gift, which is an irrevocable transfer of the donor's entire interest in the donation. As such, requests for refunds relating to unrestricted gifts may be considered, in the following cases;

(a) where the refund requests are due to duplicative or erroneous payment processing or; (b) where the refund request is a gift (donation) of significant value (greater than $2,000.00 USD/$5,000.00 EC), or (c) where the designated or restricted gift is given, towards a specific purpose or event and the event is cancelled and not expected to come to fruition. 


Harvest Bible Chapel St. Vincent, will contact the donor/giver and ask if they wish us to allocate their donation to another area of ministry or if they wish their contribution returned. For example, any monetary donation, given for a specific event or mission trip, may be refunded if an event/trip gets cancelled by Harvest Bible Chapel St. Vincent.


Requests for a refund must be done within seven (7) working days after the donation, was made; and, it is subject to the approval of the Harvest Bible Chapel St. Vincent, Elders board.



Online Harvest Products Payments


Harvest Bible Chapel, St. Vincent will refund payments made either in part of full for Harvest products where:

 (a) the product is no longer available or in stock, a full refund  

 (b) the amount paid for merchandise was overstated, in this case, only the difference, will be refunded or;

 (c) if the product, is found to be defective and is returned to the Harvest Bible Chapel office; Harvest Bible Chapel St, Vincent will process claims made within seven (7) working days after payment or receipt of the Harvest product. 


Please refer to our 'Purchase Policy' in the "Terms of Use" document  before requesting a refund or cancellation.


To request a refund or a cancellation:


Persons who may be requesting a refund or cancellation can contact the Harvest Bible Chapel St. Vincent Office at 784-456-6819 or 784-493-6819 during business hours (8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays) or by sending us an email at or by utilizing our website utilizing the various forms at


You are required to include your full name (first and last name), contact information, the form of payment (debit/credit card) and payment amount and the reason(s) why a refund is requested. 

 Updated: 28th January, 2021.