The Project

We believe that this property enhances our ability to fulfill our mission by providing us with . . .

  • a functional space in which we can create amazing worship experiences
  • a dedicated room for prayer, without which nothing else matters
  • an exciting complex for children and youth to grow in their knowledge of Christ
  • a rallying point for uncommon community
  • an outreach hub from which to show compassion to the people of SVG
  • a training facility for leaders
  • a central base from which to establish future regional campuses
  • a launch pad for global church planting

As Christ followers, we are “Built for this” ministry and, in a real sense, this property is built for this too. It adequately meets our needs both now and into the future.

Rather, we are simply asking God to help us use this incredible resource to advance his purposes and make his name great.

What Is Our Goal?

Our Goal is to purchase the diamond property funded through the faithful giving of God’s people here at Harvest. We are grateful to God for making this strategic acquisition possible. And now we are asking him, and asking each of us, to provide what is needed purchase the property.


Each of these gift amounts is a three-year total over and above regular tithes and offering. Can you see yourself on this chart? The specific numbers aren’t what is important—your personal gift amount may not show up on this particular profile. What matters is that you prayerfully and carefully consider what God would have you to do.

What Are My Next Steps?

We are encouraging everyone who is part of the Harvest family to do the following:


Prayer expresses our dependence upon God and our submission to his will and his ways. Ask him what part he would want you to play financially in the campaign.


Take some time to evaluate your financial resources. Be creative in how you could free up additional funds for the campaign. If you are married, talk (and pray) through all of this very honestly with your spouse so that you are on the same page.


Make a three-year commitment using the commitment card and return it to the church on our 1st Commitment Weekend (Oct 22nd). The combined commitments of our church will help us gauge how quickly we can pay for this property. Make your commitment thinking through two aspects: (a) Cash gifts that you can give. This is so important because the more funds we are able to raise up front, the less costs we will incur over time. (b) Three-year commitments from Oct 2017 through Oct 2020. This is what you believe God will enable you to do during the next three years, over-and-above your regular giving, to help us meet or exceed our goal.


Whatever God puts in your heart to do, do it! Give generously and sacrificially out of your love for the Lord, for his church, and for the mission. You can give through all of our regular means: cash, cheques, pre-authorized offerings, online banking, and credit card donations